Board of advisors

Shyamal Roy, founder GEOMATE Company, has over forty years of successful experience in product planning, development, marketing, and sales responsibilities in companies in the USA, Japan, and Europe. First fifteen years of his career were in IBM mainframe-based enterprise computing business. In 1981, Shyamal founded Supercads Inc. to develop and market the world’s first PC based 3D mechanical CAD system. In 1992, Shyamal worked for Division Ltd. A UK based company-developing Virtual Reality based product development solutions. 1n 1994, Shyamal worked as founding member for Virtual Chips Inc., a company specializing in EDA simulation that was acquired by Phoenix Technologies. In 1995, Shyamal started GEOMATE Company that currently has several thousand customers worldwide, and has been profitable from inception. Shyamal received a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, India.

Mike Poccia is a mechanical engineering veteran from Eastman Kodak, where he spent over 24 years as a product development engineer. During that time, he designed complex mechanical systems for cameras, copiers, printers, medical equipment, and in-plant tools and machinery, frequently using GrafiCalc technology. As a Six-Sigma Black Belt, Mike developed a method of tolerance allocation for Six-Sigma that is applied in conceptual design. He has developed and taught several in-house courses in Machine Design, Robust Design, and Tolerance Allocation. Mike has been a panelist and presenter at the ASME Design Technical Conferences, Six-Sigma Conference, and the first Key Characteristics Conference. Mike holds BS and ME degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, specializing in mechanisms and machine design. He is the holder of five U.S. patents on mechanisms in printing presses, ink-jet printers, cameras, and Computed Radiography scanners.

Dr. Joel N. Orr is a futurist, speaker, and writer, specializing in engineering automation and computer technologies. He is part of Cyon Research Corporation, a publishing and consulting firm. Much in demand as a keynote speaker, Joel has addressed conferences, companies, and associations around the world, often sharing the platform with speakers such as Tom Peters, George Gilder, Jack Kemp, and others. Orr was also co-founder and president of the NCGA (National Computer Graphics Association) and president of the Virtual Worlds Society. Autodesk Corporation named Orr a "Distinguished Fellow" for a three-year period that ended in 1993. From 1997 to 2001, Bentley Systems, Inc. designated him their "Engineering Laureate.

David Burdick is Founder and President of Collaborative Visions, Inc where he leads all research and consulting activities in the areas of Product Lifecycle Management. David has more than 20 years of experience in engineering and manufacturing information technologies, acquired while working in senior management positions at the Gartner group, Dataquest, and Auto-Trol technologies, and is widely recognized worldwide as a leading authority in the emerging fields of Collaborative Commerce and Product Lifecycle Management.